Wednesday, April 10, 2019

So Much For A Little Pleasant Distraction!

There I was yesterday hoping for a little pleasant distraction and hypothesizing about why my local range closed and then I was notified about the reasons for the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range closure. I was on the money when I wondered if it possibly was due to lead removal. It has been reported that two range workers had a vendor come in to remove the lead but the vendor did not have a contract with the county to do so. Those two employees are reportedly no longer working for the range. More at the source.

Now there is an investigation into the mess. Add to that: the range reportedly has zero filtration on its venting system, the county executive supposedly is as anti-gun as they come and my guess is the range will now be closed for a lot longer than the expected opening date of April 22 that is shown on their website (as I type).

Damn, if I want to shoot I will have to be going to another range.

All the  best,
Glenn B

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