Friday, April 26, 2019

A Media Outlet That Supports The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Watching television, reading the newspapers, listening to the radio or getting your news online - you would have to be just about a total moron not to realize that the great majority of major media outlets are totally anti-gun. There is one though that is quite supportive of our Right To Keep And Bear Arms (RKBA) and no, I do not mean Fox News! While Fox News may be somewhat supportive of that right, they have begun what appears to me to be a turn to the left.

The media outlet to which I am referring, when I say there is one that is very supportive of the RKBA, is One America News Network (OANN). One fine example of just how much they support the RKBA and how much they understand and support the Constitution overall can be seen in this video about the bump stock ban and the Supreme Court's refusal to hear a case on it back in March.

Things like what Liz Wheeler says in this video are why OANN is swiftly becoming one of my favorites, if not my overall favorite (yet), when it comes to the news media.

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Glenn B

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