Thursday, March 14, 2019

Still Alive Just Have Been Busy... I've not been blogging much at all. Last couple of days, I've been busy selling ammo. I figure the amount of ammo I had, even that which I still have, would not be transportable in my Toyota Corolla in even three or four trips. It just weighs too much. So, I am probably going to sell at least half of it. I have put a decent dent in it but need to sell more. I also gave away some today: 2,500 rounds of 22LR donated to the Freeport Juniors Club at a local rifle range, 500 rounds of 22 R to someone purchasing some other ammo from me and who bought a couple of shotguns from me in the past (good customer and nice guy reward so to speak) and some other here and there. The rest - whatever I do not give away, donate or sell - I will try to haul down to AR. Then I will take whatever money I got for the sales and use that to buy more ammo once I get down there. It's a plan.

Of course, I am considering renting a cargo van for my move and if I do so, I will be keeping more ammo than I am selling. If I rent the van, I figure I can make one trip to move the ammo, my guns, and what other meager belongings I will be keeping. The thing is, a rental cargo van is expensive - it will be 1K or more and that is if returning it to the same location as where I pick it up. A one way rental is out of the question, just too much.

Enough of this, no need to bore you with my problems.

Anyway, maybe I will blog some this weekend. I hope soo.

All the best,
Glenn B

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