Sunday, March 3, 2019

Is Benchmade Holding A Going Out Of Business Sale Soon?

Just wondering, after all the responses they received from angry gun owners, not so much about them cutting up guns for the Oregon City PD but probably more to do with their record of political donations that was revealed once the brouhaha started over them destroying the guns. They seemingly have almost exclusively donated to libterds and their apparent excuse for having done so that: "As far as the political contributions, Elliott pointed out that Benchmade was in Oregon, and “the people who represent us are Democrats.”" is absolutely ridiculous (more at the source).

Think about it - if they had donated to those politicians who protect and uphold the Constitution and especially to those who support the 2nd Amendment then maybe, just maybe, the people who represent Benchmade would not have wound up being Democrats but would have been the Republicans or Libertarians to whom they would have made those donations! The logic of the statement that it is Democrats who represent and thus they donate to Democrats is absolutely absurd in the context it was given.

As far as supporting your local police, there are far better and much less controversial ways to do it than by cutting up firearms.

I recently gave my son a Benchmade knife that was given to me. Nicely made knife and a very nice gift to me but when I am in the market for a new knife, it will not be a Benchmade even if they hold a going out of business sale.


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