Friday, December 29, 2017

Totally Legal Yet TSA Detains Man Over Cougar In His Luggage

Yes, you read that title correctly - a man was detained by TSA employees after they found the carcass of a cougar inside of his luggage. Why did they detain him - that is a good question. The cougar was legally taken by the man on a hunting rip. It was tagged as required by law. It was not illegal to transport the carcass within his luggage. It was not against airline policy to do so.

The cougar was tagged by Utah State Fish and Game, but TSA agents had to hold the man at McCarran International Airport to confirm the validity of the tag. (Source.)

So, why was it that TSA (one of the most hated and lambasted agencies in the federal government) found it necessary to detain the man to verify the validity of the tag. They are not fish and wildlife agents, they are not interstate commerce agents, they in fact are not law enforcement officers of any kind - so why bust this man's balls! I can only think it must have been because they had no nearly blind or crippled 90 year old grandmothers or grandfathers, no wheelchair bound paraplegics,  nor any pre-teen little boys or girls to subject to their seemingly inappropriate and offensive pat-down searches for no particular reason except to show they are the boss at the airport.

There truly ought to be a law (as they used to say) and it should be directed at stopping the bullshit at TSA.

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Glenn B


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