Sunday, December 17, 2017

Heart Warming But Yet Very Concerning News

My heart has been warmed to its cockles after watching the video in the accompanying article and of course after reading that piece here at the source. What can I say except I think it right and just each time a piece of shit terrorist (or wanna be terrorist or someone stupid enough to mimic a terrorist) is shot down and prevented from potentially harming many others in a possible act of terrorism. If the suspected suicide belt, that the person who was shot was wearing, actually turned out to be a fake as per what was claimed in the article (reportedly by a third party), well tough noogies - you always face the consequences of your actions, especially the truly monumentally moronic ones. Then again - either way - live suicide bomb belt or dummy suicide bomb belt - I think the guy got what he deserved for making himself out to be a potential terrorist threat to others.

Now as for my concern and I have been concerned from a bit before President Trump actually deciding to tell the world he was moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The way I see it, it is all well and fine that he decided to move the location of the embassy. He is the president and it falls within his decision making and authority to do so. I have zero problem with just about wherever he wants to put it. My concern though is that he should have waited to make the announcement, even to hint at it, until after the holidays. It truly was a novice move on his part to have done so before the holidays. I like Trump, I see him as doing good for the U.S of A. and for our allies and in general for the world. I am happy about our economy already improving markedly under him, about his appoint to the Supreme Court, about his stance on the RKBA, about his attempt at changing the tax system, about our prospects for a prosperous future under him, about the way he has broken the mold on how to handle North Korea, China and Russia (and all the others), about his allowing the military to actually commence annihilation of ISIS and his new approach to working with our allies in Israel and on and on.

Then again, I do not like him seemingly not having given what I believe was enough serious and balanced thought to his timing on the decision to make the announcement regarding the embassy move. Why potentially give terrorists another excuse to set into motion something that is likely to jeopardize Americans and their allies around the world at a time when we will be coming together in droves to celebrate the major religious holiday of Christmas, the religious holiday & military victory commemoration of Chanukah,
the new year, and whatever else - like maybe the winter solstice - that folks around the world flock together to celebrate. To me it was a bad call but hopefully it will work out ok although with violence already under way because of the announcement I tend to doubt there will not be more trouble and possibly many killed or wounded. Mind you, I understand President Trump is not going to be blowing up folks or shooting them down or beheading them or stoning them - the terrorists will be doing that though and they will be coming at us while we are at our most vulnerable - if they get the chance. Mind you, if they get the chance, they will take advantage of it - they have a track record of doing so. 

What can we do? Right now, I pray we will remain vigilante and safe and ready to take all the action necessary to protect ourselves and our allies.

All the best,
Glenn B

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