Monday, October 2, 2017

I Anticipate A Lot Of Anti-Gun Fallout...

...over what happened in Las Vegas. Let's face it, the politicians taking political advantage of this tragedy is already taking place. That is evident by way of the remarks reportedly made by Hillary Clinton (source) and Fauxahontas Warren (more here). It seems that leftists in general are already going apeshit, many saying something to the effect that they feel no sadness over this since mostly conservatives go to country music concerts. CBS reportedly already has fired an attorney they had employed because of a statement or tweets (or whatever) she made saying something similar to that I just mentioned; more at the source.

Living in NY, I am quite familiar with the knee jerk reactions that leftist politicians will make in response to this tragedy. My guess would be that the NY S.A.F.E. Act will somehow be strengthened and it will happen quickly and without any review (a review is required by law) just as how the S.A.F.E. Act was passed in the wee hours of the morning and then pushed upon an unsuspecting public. FUAC.

On the other hand, many people are reacting in a much better way and are sending in donations to help the victims, praying for them and their families, volunteering to help and so on. According to a new conference on Fox News this evening, the Clark County Commissioner said that over 15,000 contributions amounting to over 1.5 million dollars had already been made. I am not one much for prayer but figure it cannot hurt and have said quite the few already, especially for that those who were severely wounded will fully recover.

Getting back to my anticipation of a lot of anti-gun fallout, I also did something I consider very practical, especially in an anti-gun hysteria state like NY and ordered some ammo on which I was short. It really would not surprise me if the immoral and unethical anti-gun goons in the NY legislature, along with Petty Tyrant Cuomo, try to ban all guns and ammo within NY in the very near future by using this terrible incident as political ammunition to accomplish such.

A donation by me is coming next once I find out an official site through which to donate relative to this incident alone.

All the best,
Glenn B


skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!,
'Seems like the more that we hear about this "event' the more "Weird" it gets!! The FBI discounts the dudes girlfriend of collusion with a mere phone call!! Yet they can't discount Don Trumps "Collusion with the Russians" now for over 6 months?? Hmmmmmm?? All the people shot at were at a "COUNTRY MUSIC CONCERT!!" As the fired reporter said, "Since it was "Country Music" they were all probably Trump Supporters!!" "Truth is stranger than Fiction!!"
Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!!,

Glenn B said...

Donation made.