Friday, September 29, 2017

It's Friday Night...

...and my wife and daughter just went out to eat and have a few drinks. My son-in-law just took his son to the mall, my mother-in-law went to bed (go figure - before 6PM - but thank God for that), my son is living in Arkansas. What is a fella to do?

I may just have to go for a walk for health reasons. Along the way, I may wander into a bar; that is if I just so happen to come across one in my travels. When I leave it (if I just happen to find one along my way), I will continue my walk and who knows - I may find and walk into another bar. If I find enough of them and walk into them, I may have to crawl out of, and to home, from the last one.

Is that what they call a Pub Crawl?

Later for U,
Glenn B