Friday, July 14, 2017

Kudos To PA Law Enforcement...

...because they certainly have worked at a good pace with their arrests of two suspects in the reported slayings of four teens in Bucks County, PA. Knowing that Cosmo DiNardo and a so far unnamed accomplice are behind bars relative to the slayings certainly must put many folks in that area somewhat at ease. I doubt there is much solace for the families of the deceased but in the long run, if the two are convicted and put away, DiNardo for the remainder of his life (at least DiNardo since I really cannot comment of the involvement of the other suspect since little has been reported about it) I imagine that will at least give the families something. The two were charged with homicide today. More at the source.

Hopefully the police and prosecutors have crossed all their T's and dotted all their I's and the case against these two is a strong one. I cannot imagine it is not since DiNardo's lawyer has reportedly stated that his client confessed to all four killings.

All the best,
Glenn B

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