Monday, June 5, 2017

Not A Bad Dinner At All...

...even if I must say so myself.

A nicely marbled and very thick NY Strip Steak that I seared perfectly with crispy fat around the edges and the inside coked perfectly to a bloody delight, a big salad of just Romaine lettuce and radishes with Ken's Italian dressing (already devoured by the time I took the photo), Utz Salt'n Vinegar Potato Chips, Whalen's Horseradish & Garlic Pickles (almost to die for, they are that delectable), some Macadamia Nuts for dessert (hidden behind the chips) and a couple of glasses of lemonade sans alcohol for a change.

Man oh man I loved it. Still have about half that steak leftover for tomorrow's breakfadt or lunch.

All the best
Glenn B

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