Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Security Guard Forgot To Tap Before He Racked ...

...and while he made some use of cover (or at least concealment) he probably didn't use it enough after he shot BUT (and notice that was a big BUT):

Man oh man was he quick to assess the situation, draw his weapon and fire without hesitation to terminate the threat. The dirtbag is dead and the guard is not being charged with anything criminal. I am talking about an attempted bank robbery, in January 2017, in which an apparent masked robber entered Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois brandishing a handgun. That was all it took for bank security guard and retired police officer Brian Harrison to go into action (source).

After the incident, Mr. Harrison was put on administrative leave during an investigation of what took place. On March 14, it was reported that no charges would be filed against him - and ne would have to wonder why they would even be considered a possibility after watching that video. Instead, Mr. Harrison is being praised as a hero by the bank. of course, some scum sucking lawyer will probably try to convince the dead robber's family to sue but one must hope that Mr. Harrison will be held harmless and indemnified by the bank. 

Excellent bit of security work there Mr. Harrison - a hat tip to you for doing the right thing. No mall ninja are you sir.

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Glenn B

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bart simpsonson said...

DRT. Taxpayer relief shot(s). I love it. A perfectly fitting end. Who's next? I hope the bank gave this guard a big bonus. He was on it, mostly..........