Sunday, January 15, 2017

Protestors Ahead - Pedal To The Metal

North Dakota is considering passage of a bill to eliminate liability for drivers who accidentally strike protestors with their cars on highways.

As reported: "House Bill 1203 was written up in direct response to groups of protesters blocking roadways, Kempenich told the paper. He claims protesters were seen jumping out in front of vehicles" (source).

I think it is an excellent idea because I do not believe there is anyway that you, as a driver, should be held liable for the actions of arsehats who intentionally place themselves in harms way by jumping out in front of approaching vehicles on roadways and thus cause an accident. Of course it could have some drawbacks and over zealous drivers might put the pedal to the metal hoping to hit someone and get off Scott free under this law. I am willing to bet though that passage of this law and refusal to prosecute the first driver involved in such an accident that badly injures or kills a protestor would cause the number of protests on highways plummet. Such though is life, and this would be fair to law abiding drivers involved in such accidents. I mean - if you want to take a chance recklessly protesting on an active highway then I think you, not the drivers on the highway who are driving there legally, 
should  suffer the consequence of your foolhardy actions!

All the best,
Glenn B

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