Friday, January 27, 2017

No Twigs, No Seeds, Nothing You Don't Need...

...Panera Bread is some bad assed eats, and that is a very good thing. Yes folks, I don't expect Panera Bread ever had twigs or seeds (at least no marijuana seeds) in their food (but had some healthy edible seeds) but the big news is that they recently banned all the stuff you don't need. They have banned over 100 additives that are often found in the food we buy at sandwich shops, other restaurants and supermarkets. They did that without and I repeat - WITHOUT - any government intervention from bureaucracies like the FDA. Why they did it was to give their customers what they want (source) and I would guess to continue to make a profit.

Can you imagine that, a big business (and yes Panera Bread is BIG business, reportedly with over 8 million customers per week and revenues over 2 billion dollars) with absolutely no government intervention all because it is what their customers want and because the owners of Panera Bread like to make a profit while and by satisfying their customers! It's called the free market folks (as opposed to Bernie Sanders wanting to give stuff away for free at taxpayers' expense). Long live capitalism.

A hat tip to peter Q for the info on this.

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