Monday, January 16, 2017

A Big Disappointment At The Range Today

I picked up a new Savage Model 93, in 22 WMR, back in August. I finally got around to shooting it for the first time today; yes I am THE great procrastinator. While it's a beautiful rifle with a really nice stock, the shame is that it does not function properly.

Damned thing kept having feed problems. That happened with the 5 round magazine that came with it and two other 10 round OEM Savage magazines made for this model (so it is not likely the magazines since all three had the same result). The bolt would not go more than a bit forward on many rounds but worked fine with no mag or an empty mag. The rounds not feeding properly caused it to stop in its forward travel. While some rounds fed properly, I had to either jiggle the mag a few times or push it up further into mag well or pull it down a bit (or all three) to get many of the rounds to feed. I figure more than half failed to feed properly. The mags were all inserted properly but all three of them had an awful lot of play. I checked in the mag well to see if anything was preventing the magazines from seating properly but saw nothing that looked out of place. I was using two different brands and types of ammo - so it in all likelihood was not the ammunition. I also had cleaned the rifle before bringing it to the range.
I am guessing that whatever internal part holds the mags in place is
not holding them right. So, I just sent a service request to Savage and hopefully they will cover it under warranty; I also sent a copy of my receipt as an attachment. I believe theirs is a one year warranty so it should be covered for whatever.
One other thing I learned when shooting it, I have to move the scope forward at least a couple of inches, it is set way too far back causing me to tilt my head back to be able to focus through it. You can see in the photo of it above that whoever mounted the scope had it all the way back. Both that and the feed problem indicate shitty quality control, I suppose.

Oh well, I guess the Savage 93 is not coming upstate with me and my son this weekend when we go to my brother-in-law Hans' place for a football party weekend. Maybe I will bring the Marlin 25MN for some plinking on Saturday and again on Sunday before the games. Should definitely be bringing my son's new Remington 870 and a few of my handguns. I, for one, don't want to spend a weekend there without shooting something and I guess Brendan feels likewise.
All the best,
Glenn B

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