Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hell On Earth...

..or so it has been described by many residents of  Gatlinburg, TN where wildfires have raged destroying at least 250 buildings and causing a mass evacuation of 14,000 people. More here.

Folks, I know it is the Christmas and Chanukah seasons and many of you are tapped out of cash because of gift buying but maybe you can find it in your hearts to donate at least a little bit to efforts to assist those impacted by the fires. There are probably many organizations to which you can donate but the only one I know of right now that is soliciting monetary donations for disaster relief is the Red Cross. As much as I do not like to donate to the Red cross, I prefer organizations where more of the donation actually goes to disaster relief, I sent them a modest donation in the hopes it will help the folks in TN.

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