Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yes There Is A Problem - A Potentially Big Problem

Pennsylvania has reportedly wrongfully sent out voter registration forms to thousands of legal and illegal aliens. (Source.) Mind you, there is not other way to send voter registration forms, for a presidential election, to aliens than wrongfully.

Only seven people came forward to say they received those forms and were ineligible to vote. Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Pedro Cortes, does not see a problem because there were so few who notified authorities. Now Pedro, you should be able to think of why that may be so significant and a potentially huge problem, should you not! Since you do not see it as a problem though, my bet would be that: you Mr. Cortes are a progressive (aka: liberal, aka: leftist). Yes my guess was right (source of my saying I was right).

The problem is the ones who did not come forward and who will register illegally and then vote illegally and who knows how many there will be of them since PA sent out thousands of registration forms to aliens both legal and illegal ,none of which have the right to vote in our national elections! That is a right reserved for U.S. citizens.

A hat tip to Colette D.

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Glenn B

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