Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On A Personal Health Note

The blood sugar is down. I guess that means my lower carbohydrate diet, the one I more or less have been on, since the second week or so of August, has been working. I've also lost 9 pounds in that time; although, that is hard to tell by looking at me. I plan to keep it up. Maybe by 2 1/2 months or so from now I will have lost another 9, that would be excellent.

On the not good side, my PSA level is up - again. It is getting to be concerning because it keeps going up. I've had a biopsy (which I do not want to go through again) about a year and a half or so ago and an MRI about 2 months or so ago. Both wee negative for the Big C. Hoping it stays that way. Maybe I need to do more of something, but I am not saying what, to get the level down.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Glenn, I pray all is well for you my friend. I am posting what you posted on my blog here so I can respond properly as it made me cry. You left this comment:
You are the blogger who helped keep my spirits up when I was battling cancer by way of your friendship and by having strangers from around the world pray for me. You are the blogger who helped save my life. You made history with me and for that I thank you. All the best to you and your wonderful family.

I want you to know that this comment was so nice and by far makes the top of the list as to why I am thankful that I blog. Because of blogging I was able to connect with someone I may have never met before, and I discovered how much in common we have. I am thankful that we live in times that we can unify with others world wide to pray for a friend. I am thankful that we can connect and even send something humble(coffee etc) that can brighten another's day. You always say all the best Glenn, and I always say in my head all the best because of Glenn. I am praying and have been for you. I am so glad you are a granddad and that you are the father you are for your family...I am also so glad to know that others love our country as much as I do and are willing to be bold in their beliefs.

May your health be top notch and may you be the best you can be in all that you do. Your blogity friend~Jen

skybill said...

Hi Glenn!!,
BP, Blood Sugar, Weight??? All these things come into play at our age even more so! It is "our Fight!!" ,,,,, Today..this morning..130/60-61 wt...217.4...some how 4 pounds less than yesterday... although my "pedometer" recorded 24.2 miles yesterday (8 hr shift..doing "Maintenance') today only 14 mi...(off wk,,out slummin'). it all adds up!!
Next Goal is busting 210 lbs then 200!! I can put darts in the waist bands!! Don't have to go out and spend big $$ on Bigger Clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!