Monday, September 5, 2016

Home Safe & Hopefully Sound

Brendan and I just got home about 15 minutes ago and sure made good time getting here. My head still aches from the accident on Saturday night and I am going to try to see doctor today and if not today then tomorrow.  As for Mimi she seems okay now, I think the sedative and pain meds have worn off after her visit to the vet because of the run in with the porcupine.

On the ride home, since my son was driving, I called the insurance company of the driver who rear ended my Toyota Corolla on Saturday night. I filed a claim with them and they said someone would call me back tomorrow for more info or whatever and to get things rolling after the holiday. The lady to whom I spoke also said that once they get their client's side of the story they will arrange to pay me if he admits what he was at fault. That made me ask "Hasn't he filed a claim yet" and she told me no he had not done so as of my call. I muttered something more to myself than to her but she replied to it when I said something like 'That does not sound good'. She replied: "No it is not". I hope there are not going to be problems with this guy, it was bad enough he drove his SUV right into my car's ass end and maybe even was accelerating even though the speed limit dropped by 20mph. I certainly don't need any more problems with this mess.

All the best,
Glenn B

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