Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Today In History - America Gone Berserk

I think that if you were a truly patriotic American and lived by the Constitution, then no matter whose side you were on - the rioting protestors or the government's - you had to have been saddened by the events  of the day on May 4, 1970 . On that day, National Guardsmen opened fire on Vietnam War protestors (and on some not involved in the protests) at Kent State University. I was not only extremely dismayed that such had taken place, and I say that without taking sides, but was very uneasy that troops were repeatedly called in to disperse such crowds in the first place. That should have been the job of campus security and or the police.

I have often heard those who claim to be patriots saying something to the effect that while I may not agree with what you are saying, I would defend your right to do so with my life. Sadly that was not what happened that day. Four students were killed and eight or nine (depending on the source and I seem to remember it was nine) others were wounded (source). I cannot find any information of how many, if any, Guardsmen were injured but they were attacked by students throwing tear gas canisters back at them (that the guardsmen had fired) along with rocks and other objects.

The Vietnam War, the protests hoping to end it and the response to those protests amounted to a tragedy in our Nation's history.

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Humble wife said...

Growing up in Ohio, I knew of this and in spite of it, I wanted to go to Kent State. My mother would not let me as she worried that the tainted memory of Kent State would impact my future job opportunities if my degree was from Kent State. Funny, it didn't matter where I went to college as I have been at home since a few months after college.