Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Was For Breakfast?

Well, I gave all the little porkers a temporary reprieve for a change so it had none of these in it:

Something new, that's what was for breakfast and it contained beef. It was also something not unheard for my breakfast but yet that is fairly unusual. I had a couple of hotdogs (boiled) on toasted (in a pan with butter) potato hotdog rolls. I did say it was something new and then said it was not unheard of for my breakfast and I guess I should explain what seems like a contradiction. I have had frankfurters for the first meal of the day several times before and while that was not new, what was new was the brand for this breakfast. Last night, for dinner, was the first time ever that I have had Abeles & Heymann dogs and this morning the first time that I ever had them for breakfast.

For dinner, I sautéed them in butter in a pan along with dried flaked onions and a bit of coarsely ground black pepper. I toasted up a couple of potato rolls (also in butter in the pan) then threw the dogs on the buns, smothered them with A. Bauer's mustard with horseradish (my favorite of all mustards that I have ever tried) and chomped down. Even though they were delicious, I really overdid it with the mustard and onions last night to be able to judge the dogs. So, today I cut back and only used a local (to Long Island) horseradish mustard, completely on one and only on halfway on the other. The first bites this morning were of the mustard-free half to see what it was like fairly naked.

They seem to have a firmer consistency than Hebrew National Franks and in my opinion are more chewy than those from HN. That was a good thing. As for the taste, I have got to say they are delicious. Yet, the jurors among my taste buds have not yet reached their verdict as to whether or not they beat out those from Hebrew National as my current favorites. Thus there will be more taste testing to come this weekend.

Once upon a time, in the east, the frankfurters from Isaac Gellis were my, and my wife's, favorites - by far. I don't think that either the A&H franks, or those from HN can compare to those that were made by the Isaac Gellis company but sadly, as far as I can tell, they went belly up. As for comparing the dogs from A&H to those from HN - time and more taste tests will tell. Next time, instead of boiled or sauteed, I will cook them on the grill. I will also wash them down with a good beer instead of with water. I guess some folks might think the real test should be to eat some of each brand totally naked (not me, the hotdogs) and try to determine which has the better taste but while I may do that too, I think the best test is to have them how you would normally and for me that is with at least some of the trimmings like: mustard, horseradish, sauerkraut, beans, onions, hot peppers, hot sauce, crushed potato chips, whatever else I think of at the moment it's available - and in all combinations of those add-ons. Yes, that means there are many taste tests to come and I'm salivating while anticipating them.

All the best,
Glenn B

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