Saturday, June 6, 2015

Truckin' Turtle

Was feeding the turtles when I noticed one was missing from the tank. Damn thing climbed out off of its basking station that was close enough to the tank top for it to climb out. Had a screen over it but last night the Friday night drunks (my son and his pals) were at it in my backyard and my guess is one of them moved the screen a bit to see them on the basking platform. Well, somebody moved it and it sure wasn't the turtle.

I looked for it in all the places I could see without moving things. The first place I looked was on the adjoining counter top and on work bench atop each of which I have tanks, including the turtle tank. I looked at least three times and probably more like five times because it is kind of a bitch trying to see behind the tanks. Anyway, it just wasn't there so I started looking on the floor and under things and here and there where I did not have to move anything. Still not found so I started to moved things on the floor on the shelving unit shelves below the countertop level, under the dryer after yanking it away from the wall, under the furnace, under the water heater, under the table holding detergent and stuff for the wash, then moved that all and puled the table and everything on the floor under it so I could get the washer out of the corner where it sits - and still - turtle not found.

Then I searched the other room of the basement and did likewise out there. I was literally going bonkers moving shit. I just could not find the darned thing. After looking for over a couple of hours, I cleaned the dust devils up before moving stuff back, like the washer, and even threw some cat liter on the floor and cleaned up a mess under the table where we keep all the detergent - a bottle of it leaked awhile back and I just soaked up most of it and left the rest. Today, I washed the area, threw the cat liter on it, let it sit about a half hour and then swept it up with the concrete floor actually looking dry in that spot. I also rearranged the stuff on some of the shelves, threw out a bunch of junk, and got a compliment from my son on how good a job I did in the back half of the basement. He's been at me to unclutter the cellar for a long time now.

As  was putting the finishing touches on getting stuff back on the shelves where it belonged, I noticed that I must have knocked over some jars of turtle food and other whatnot in the corner next to one of the tanks closest to the shelves. I reached back there and picked up one of the things and there was the friggin turtle right where I had looked at least those three and maybe as many as five times earlier. The only thing I can figure is that it had been under a small pile of twisted and bunched up wiring from the heaters, filters, lights and air pump and that gave it enough camo to hide it from view when I had looked earlier. So, I had ripped up the whole basement for naught; although, I did accomplish cleaning it up so I guess it wasn't really for nothing. Well, I cleaned half of it anyway, I am still taking my time getting around to straightening up and vacuuming the other room down here but I will get it done sometime tonight.

In the meantime, I am getting things ready for the Long Island Herpetological Society's annual auction tomorrow (actually taking a break right now and enjoying some moonshine). A preview of some of the items being offered at the LIHS auction can be found here. If you are on Long Island why not stop by the auction tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B


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