Friday, June 12, 2015

The NAACP Reportedly Is Supporting A Woman Who Claimed To Be Black...

...but whom it reportedly has been alleged, by her claimed white biological parents, is actually white with no black ancestors. She is the leader of the local chapter of the NAACP in Spokane, WA (source).

While the NAACP brass may think it grand to support her by saying that race is not an issue in whom they hire and while they praise the wonderful work they claim she has done to support their cause and the cause of African Americans - they seem to be missing the big picture. The big picture is that she allegedly lied to get a job with the NAACP, then allegedly continued to live a lie as an imposter in order to maintain that job all the while she has held that position. Shouldn't those allegations be making the NAACP wonder what else she may have lied  or otherwise been dishonest about while doing her job in order to carry out the wonderful things they say she has accomplished. If she really lied about her race and perpetrated a ruse as an imposter - of what else was she capable to maintain her position with the NAACP?

So why isn't the NAACP asking those tough questions and telling us that they are going to do a thorough investigation of everything on which she has worked while employed by them to determine if her accomplishments were all achieved by way of cheating, swindling or chicanery that she was able to pull of due to her alleged willingness to deceive. Her integrity would be shot and so too could be the integrity of anything she has done for the NAACP if such was the case and that possibility, I think, needs to be addressed with a complete and thorough investigation.

I wonder though, since I have not heard the NAACP talking along those lines, do they even care if she possibly lied, cheated, pretended with those whom she dealt during her duties for the NAACP? If not, that sure says something pitiful about the premiere organization in the USA that says it operates for the 'advancement of colored people'.

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Glenn B

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