Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Bolt & The Blanks - Nice Finds In The Basement

I was going through some of my firearms related storage places tonight, looking at this gun or that one with a possible sale in mind, when I accidentally found something I had bought about 15 years ago or so. I am pretty sure I got it from the CMP when they still actually had a good number of guns and gun parts for sale.

It is a complete bolt assembly for a Remington 513T Matchmaster bolt action rifle in 22LR. Almost as soon as I rediscovered it, I decided to put it up for sale. I just got done listing it on Of course my luck, the way it usually goes, will be that as soon as I sell it, I'll drop the 513T on its bolt handle and break it and need a replacement. No way I just wrote that here and jinxed myself - did I! Seriously, I can use the money from it, if it sells, to go toward the two guns I bought earlier today. What I am asking, and hope I get, would help pay about 1/4 of todays purchase price, tax and auction premium. That would be nice. Of course, to do that, it has to sell first and it has to sell for at least what I am asking.

The bolt and the blanks Mind you, that bolt does not look just like it does in this
photograph with that deep color and sort of a warm glow to it. It came out
looking like that because I took it using an incandescent bulb for lighting.
I had some fun with testing the bolt down in the basement. I loaded up the 513T magazine with some blanks and fired them off to test the function of the spare bolt assembly. It worked flawlessly and that is a good thing. It stripped blank rounds from the magazine, fed them into the chamber, fired them, extracted them and then brought them to the ejector for positive ejection without a glitch. Using a little forethought, I warned the wife that any shots she might hear would be me firing blanks to test a gun. I also made sure to fire them in the back of the basement with the door to the front portion closed and I fired them toward a rolled up towel on the floor. Made sure it did not have any burning  powder residue once down too. maybe I should try some CB Caps - nah better not. Anyhow, the blanks accomplished the function check more than well enough and I am happy I can sell the bolt with a clear conscience knowing that not only is it is fully operational but it works flawlessly.

All the best,
Glenn B

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