Tuesday, June 9, 2015

So I've Been Watching The News About The NY Prison Break...

...Fox News (on Verizon FIOS) in particular and Greta Van Susteren was stressing that NY officials have been questioning a woman who worked in the tailor shop at the Clinton Correctional Facility. Apparently, that woman is a so called person of interest (or in other words, in my mind, a suspect) in the prison break by the two convicted murderers who escaped a prison from which no one had escaped since it was built in the late 1800s.

These guys got out, allegedly, by using power tools to saw through a steel wall and metal pipes, in the middle of the night, and were supposedly unheard during the long hours it must have taken them to do so. In other words none of the prison guards heard nuthin! Yet, all we hear about on the news is that state troopers are hot on the trail of the escaped cons and that NY law enforcement has been questioning the tailor lady! Granted, maybe she had something to do with it - for all I, or we, know she is guilty as hell as a conspirator or even the mastermind of the prison break. The thing is though, that these convicted murdering felons had to have worked on the actual physical aspects of the escape for hours. I mean sawing through steel walls in a prison is not like cutting butter with a hot knife, sawing through a steel wall with power tools must have taken hours, if not days, then through pipes in addition to the wall but the correctional officers evidently are saying they heard nothing - and we hear nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - about the interrogations that authorities are conducting on any of them!

So why is it that we hear about authorities questioning the tailor woman, why are we told that LE officials are not arresting her because they do not want her to lawyer up (this was specifically noted by Greta) and yet these dim witted reporters have not even thought to question and raise the point, in their news casts, that the correctional officers, who were all seemingly deaf, are not being interrogated likewise. Oh please tell me that investigative reporters today are not that dumb - better yet, tell me that LE conducting this investigation is not that incompetent.

These prisoners probably could not have escaped without  correctional officers hearing them going through the walls unless maybe someone had drugged the COs or otherwise kept them so occupied that they heard nothing (which seems very unlikely because no unusual activity has been reported that would have distracted them). So how is it that we are not hearing these officers are being grilled as if they were suspects (or at least so called persons of interest). Go figure.

Something is rotten in the Clinton Correctional Facility or so my nose tells me.

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