Sunday, June 7, 2015

No One Has Ever Escaped...

...from the Clinton Correctional Facility near the Canadian border in upstate NY since it first opened in 1865 (or from the maximum security portion of that prison depending on which video you watch). That is, no one has ever escaped until now!

Two convicted murderers allegedly used power tools to cut through a steel wall of their cell to make their getaway. Somehow, none of the guards heard the noise of them doing so. Now get a load of this, the steel wall was reported as being 2 feet thick but nobody heard nuthin - yeah right! All prison tools have been accounted for and it is now suspected that one of several contractors working in the prison grounds may have left the tools unsecured and the two inmates somehow obtained them. For some reason it seems no state official has yet brought up the possibility that a prison guard smuggled the tools to the two convicts and then turned a deaf ear but that could never happen - could it!

A huge manhunt is now underway and you can bet it will be a lasting one because one of the escapees was doing life for murdering a cop (and lately cops count more than the rest of us, after all the other guy reportedly was only doing 25 to life for kidnapping, murdering and dismembering his former boss but he just murdered a civilian). More here and here.

I hope they stay far from me and mine (and anyone else) and went to Canada or Mexico but who knows. Hopefully they will be recaptured without further incident and without further injury to anyone.

All the best,
Glenn B

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