Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Gun Safe Shopping Timing Sucks

I found a 14 gun fire resistant gun safe on sale at Walmart around a month ago. Had seen it before at a slightly lower price also from Walmart but that was over a year ago. The price last month was $350 (actually $349 something but I cannot recall the amount of additional cents). Today, I went to Walmart's site with the intent of buying one. I was not only amazed but pretty shocked to see that today's price for the exact same safe (yes I triple checked the model number) was $658.20. If it wasn't for shitty luck, it seems I would have almost none at all. Man, my timing sucks.

I sent Walmart an inquiry to see if maybe the wrong price was listed or if it is the right price to find out if they expect a future price drop. With my luck though, I doubt their reply will contain good news.

I was able to find it at one other website for $399.99 and would have considered buying it from them but again Mr. Murphy stepped in because they do not ship, they only do in store pick-up and the closest store in that chain is in Ohio. I am not about to drive to Ohio for a gun safe. I guess, I'll just keep looking.

All the best,
Glenn B

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