Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Time To For Me Start Documenting Things...

...because it is evident that some arsehat has been coming to my house and scratching and etching things into the face of the bricks. Years ago, just after we first moved in, we noticed several swastikas and initials BM etched into the bricks among other things. They slowly multiplied over time. I told a neighbor about it, back then, and he said the son of the former residents had those initials. He also told me that the guy was a certifiable kook. I sat out at night waiting to see if I'd catch him and, soon after I started watching, the incidents of new ones just stopped. Once or twice in the 20 plus years that we have lived here, I have wondered if something was a new defacement of our homes exterior walls but I always just figured it must have been an old mark that I had either missed or forgotten about. The stuff we saw today though is definitely new.

This afternoon, after a BBQ, my son pointed out not initials but a complete name etched or carved into a brick on the side of our garage. The initials of that name are the same initials that the guy used to etch into the bricks. It seems our once resident kook may be back. We looked at the front of the house and found numerous new markings there too. Those are not carved or etched into the bricks so much as lightly, very lightly scraped into whatever grime is covering the bricks. One of the marks is a pentagram; is that the Twilight Zone theme music I am hearing right now!

Come Monday, after I have given the walls of my house a decent inspection for more such damage, I am going to report this to the county police. I want to start documenting all of this and also want to find out if anyone who goes by the name carved into the one brick has a local police record. If we have a nut job visiting and defacing our property, I want to make sure that we get our tax payer's worth of police involvement as well as having documentation that this is happening should this nut decide to take it any further and possibly accost my family members. I am not going to the police with the expectation they will do much of anything but it would be nice if they are already aware of the guy doing likewise elsewhere and can lock him up after I give them more such info. I most certainly am going to file a report with  them to assure it is all documented so as to cover my arse in the event I am forced to legally defend my family from a wackadoo. I certainly hope it does not come to something like that but it is certainly an uncomfortable feeling knowing there is a nut job etching his name, pentagrams and other symbols into the bricks of my home with something hard enough and sharp enough to mar brick and thus that could quite possibly be used as a dangerous weapon. Who knows what someone like that might try to do to us should we inadvertently stumble across him while in the act. It is also unsettling that maybe the same person used to scratch swastikas into the bricks as well many years ago. 

Maybe I will get lucky and the guy doing it will have a massive coronary or get arrested and sent to jail or just suddenly become normal and will no longer be a problem. My luck though never seems quite that good. Seriously, someone who is unstable enough to do shit like that may need some serious mental treatment and I for one would like to help assure he gets it, so off to the police on Monday I will go. I may also have to pick up some legal cans of OC spray for my wife and mother-in-law.

All the best,
Glenn B

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