Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It Must Be Truly Excellent To Be A Filthy Rich Gun Guy...

...because then you can get your guns from makers like the Johann Fanzoi Firm. They make some outrageously spectacular bolt action rifles, single shots, multiple barreled guns like drillings and tri-barreled combination guns and they also have a line of Flagship Guns. Go to that link and then click on all five of the links they give to there flagship models. They take a little bit to download, or did for me, but are worth the wait. Note that The Crocodile Rifle looked as if it would not load at all but it did faster several seconds. They are all worth a look.

Then again, this one is well worth a look or three too and probably worth every penny they charge for it.

This is a Vierling (four barreled combination gun) by the Johann Fanzoi Firm.

The above image is of a Vierling a four barreled combination gun to die for or at least on which to spend a fortune. My guess would be it is in at least the low six figure range.

If I hit the Mega Millions, I am going shopping at their facility.

All the best,
Glenn B

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