Saturday, May 2, 2015

There Is No Doubt Baltimore DA Should Have Recused Herself...

...from the Eddie Gray case, especially from the arrest and prosecution(s) of the six officers who have been charged in Mr. Grays death. And I mean, there is absolutely no doubt that she should have recused herself because of her close relationship with the Gray family's attorney and with her own husband being a city councilman whose political career may depend on actions she takes or does not take in this case. Mostly though, it is because of her connection to the Gray family attorney, who made large contribution to her campaign when she ran for office  that makes it absolutely inappropriate for her to prosecute the case against the officers. An impartial special prosecutor should be assigned. Otherwise, there will be credence given to the claims that the prosecution(s) of the officers is (are) nothing more than a politically and personally motivated witch hunt. Add to that the fact that the case was not presented to a grand jury and that one officer is charged with murder obviously only to make lessor charges more likely to stick an it looks more and more like a witch hunt every moment. Then again - with many of her own family members having been police officers, there is yet another conflict of interest over which she should recuse herself.

Note, I am not saying that it is probable that Mr. Gray died because of what officers did or di not do, and thus they should face charge, I am saying this is absolutely the wrong prosecutor to handle the case.

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Glenn B

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