Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not Even One Skeleton In The Closet - Why Didn't I Think Of That

A snorkeler, in the Colorado River in AZ, came across what looked like two skeletons in lawn chairs while on a dive recently. He reported it to authorities who then sent a dive to investigate. What they found were two fake skeletons secured to the chairs and the chairs tied to rocks. There was supposedly a sign on at least on of them indicating they had been placed there in August 2014. (Source.)

I would have guessed the giveaway that they were not real was that the skulls were still attached and that at least one was reportedly wearing sun glasses. Besides that they sure looked comfortable.

Yes, it wound up wasting the time of the police and wasting tax payers' dollars but it was one hell of a practical joke. The police have said that they may place them on display, in front of the sheriff's office, as a joke. It shows that yes indeed - people can still have fun without getting arrested. I almost wish I had thought of that one.

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Glenn B

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