Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Latest Possible Darwin Award Nominee Has His Balls Bitten...

...by a young crocodile. While he lived through it, which usually means one cannot qualify for the Darwin Awards because one must do something truly moronic, that results in his or her own death, to remove him or herself from the gene pool, in order to qualify - this guy may qualify nonetheless. First off, he did something that certainly qualifies as moronic since he let that young croc get that close to his family jewels. Chances are now that the bite will cause a severe infection. If that happens, he may lose not only his nuts and nutsack but the ability to procreate. If they shrivel up and fall off in a puss filled mess, he will have, after all is said and done, effectively removed himself from the gene poll by way of a truly idiotic bit of stupidity. (Source.)

That, I would think, would qualify him as a Darwin Award nominee, if not as an actual award winner.

All the best,
Glenn B

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