Sunday, May 3, 2015

Home Depot Was A Madhouse Today...

...and I kind of expected it to be that way so, when I got there I made two quick stops for things. One thing I found and the other - some flats petunias looked as if they had been through a hurricane. I suppose that the weekend in springtime crowd will do that at Homer's garden department. I left the flowers and just grabbed six bags of topsoil. The line was not too long and actually went fairly quickly and that was good because I had 25 frozen mice already thawing out some in my car (and it was a warm sunny day) out in the lot and in addition I had a cardboard box with four live mice inside of it also in my car. Luckily for me the live ones were still in the box when I got back to my car and the frozen ones, that I had wrapped in a cloth bag and some plastic bags, will still mostly frozen. 

Wondering why the mice - snake food. Not sure that my newest Ball Python takes thawed from frozen so bought it a few live ones just in case it does not. Got them at the meeting of my local herp society today. Also was able to get rid of a male bearded dragon there to someone who wanted it and gave me a donation for the society as an adoption fee.

Just another day in Paradise, no work around the house although I will have to take care of my critters before the day is over. Tomorrow, I go back to redoing my back lawn and whatever other drudgery I can find to do around the house.

All the best,
Glenn B 

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Old 1811 said...

You're retired, right? Then never go anywhere on the weekend. Go during the week when all the poor schlubs have to be at those pesky jobs they have. (I've been trying to explain this to my wife for years, and it hasn't worked yet. I hope you're a better listener.)