Monday, May 4, 2015

From Joy To Heart Felt Saddness - RIP NYPD Officer Brian Moore

Brian Moore was the NYPD officer shot a couple of days ago when he and his partner approached a man they believed may have had an illegal firearm (virtually all of them in NYC are illegal but that is another story). The man they approached was a convicted felon who had already spent years in jail. His response to the officers questioning him was to turn on them and fire at them. One shot hit PO Moore, in his face. He was critically injured and rushed to a hospital. Last night, I heard a report that said it was thought he was improving. That brought some joy to me, it sounded as if things were going good for him, well, at least improving.

Today, riding home from work, I heard on the radio that he had succumbed to his wounds. That was a shock after the other story I had read that said he had been improving. Gone at only 25 years old, (same age as my son), he only had about 5 years on the job. He appears to have been one of the cops that most of them are - one of the good ones. My condolences to his family, loved ones, friends and brother and sister officers.

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With sympathy,
Glenn B


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