Sunday, April 12, 2015

You Get More Than You Pay For Sometimes

As you may or may not be aware, besides being a shootist and gun rights lover, I am an avid reptile & amphibian keeper. I keep critters like Bearded Dragons, Crested Geckos and Hermann's Tortoises among others. I also keep some aquatic or semi-aquatic species of herps to include some False Map Turtles and my latest acquisitions - three Iberian Ribbed Newts. I keep some fish in with the turtles and newts and have one tank dedicated to only fish (and some snails and Ghost Shrimp).

I have been perusing the available selection of air pumps lately figuring a couple of my tanks, on the same pump, could use a stronger one that I currently have. Then today, when I went to the monthly meeting of the Long Island Herpetological Society (my local herp society), a friend/member dropped off a Profile 9500, dual output, adjustable flow, air pump with another friend/member. I took one look and said I could use that and that I would give a $5.00 donation to the LIHS for it and it was mine. It was in as new condition in  scuffed-up box. I think it was taken out of the box, plugged in to see if it worked and then put back into the box and left that way.

I just hooked it up to the two tanks in need of a stronger pump than the one I had on them. I am amazed at the amount of air it spews out. The air stones inside my tanks had not much more than a trickle of air coming out of them and the two internal box filters, one in each tank, were bubbling steadily but on the slower side. Once the new pump was hooked up, the air-stones were bubbling like a pot of water on the boil and the internal filters looked to be on overdrive. I had to tone the flow control down to what would appear to be about 25% output to set it to my liking. To say I am happy with my purchase is an understatement.

I did some checking on the Internet. I could only come up with one place currently selling this model. It appears that not only has this pump model been discontinued but I am guessing the company either went out of business or changed its name as I could find no products from them offered online. The place that had it listed was selling it for $26.99 and another site that showed it as discontinued said it had retailed for $29.99. Had I been able to buy it locally, with tax, I would have paid about $32.58 for the higher listed price. I guess sometimes you get more than you paid for, even when doing it honestly. I think I'll have to throw at least another $5 to the LIHS as a donation. Hopefully the company did not go out of business because these fall apart in a month and I also hope it will last me at least a few to several years.

All the best,
Glenn B

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