Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Think I Am Going To Sell A Gun Or Three...

...out of those among my meager collection. I have no idea yet which one(s) to sell but could certainly use the cash. Of course, when I think of those from which I would be willing to part, only the clunkers come to mind. A bit more thought makes me realize, I just used the wrong word because I have no clunkers - it is just that when thinking of selling anything some older guns in good condition but of little value come to mind first and foremost as those to which I would only slightly begrudgingly say adieu. Alas, selling one or even two of them, maybe even three (if I have that many like that) would produce only an iota of the cash for which I am strapped. Decisions, decisions, decisions. All I can think is:

You cursed brat of an addiction! Look what you've done! My brain is melting, melting! Oh, what a world! What a world - with such decisions, decisions, decisions! Who would have thought a good little amount of debt like mine could destroy my beautiful gun collection! Oooooh, look out! It's going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!

Really now, I do need to think of something or other to sell. I have been wondering, what should it be! Along those lines, I pulled up my firearms inventory and realized - oh shit - I haven't updated my inventory since around 2012 and even for back then it did not look complete. I would have sworn I did a count of each one I had not too long ago but time flies as they say and guns sure do seem to have a habit of accumulating. So now, before I can even consider selling a thing, I find myself tasked with doing a firearms inventory to find out exactly what I still have, or have gotten new since, or don't have any longer, since I compiled the last one. Maybe it would be a good idea even if I don't decide to sell any of them. It would most likely be good to know exactly which firearms I own in the event of a theft, a fire, or some other catastrophe that might damage or destroy them and also not a bad idea to know just to be aware of what I have around. Heck, I might even find something I forgot about that is fun to shoot and will have to take it to the range. Still though, I would have sworn I did this not that long ago, it irks the hell out of me that I cannot find the inventory file, for the inventory I think I did, on my laptop.

All the best,

PS: Eureka! I found a more recent inventory of my firearms; well, let me say inventory of sorts because while it lists all of my guns it does not show serial numbers. I made up a list for firearms maintenance purposes when I gave the guns a really good going over and cleaning back in April and also last June. I guess the little grey cells were not as confused as I was beginning to think they may have been there for a moment. Perhaps it would still be an excellent idea to do a complete inventory just to make sure I got them all and to write down the serial numbers and other pertinent information for all of them.

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