Thursday, April 16, 2015

These Motherfuckers Destroy Anything They Want...

...aad Obama stays mum about it and uses pretty much the least force against them possible in trying to stop them. (Then again, is he really trying to stop them???) Yet, if any non-Muslim burned a q'ran or used some of the pages of one to wipe his arse, and posted the video on YouTube, Obama would be all over the news blaming that person for all the violence that would be sure to ensue and that would most certainly have been committed by Muslims.

These so called Islamic extremists killing rampantly and destroying humanity's artifacts are poor excuses for syphilitic pigs in my estimation and those who tolerate their actions are not much better. They need to be stopped and stopped soon or they will eventually destroy all of humanity's artifacts and destroy all of humanity itself other than themselves (and may do that too sooner or later). Sadly, leftist politicians seem all to ready to give them the capability of attaining the ultimate destructive power in the form of nuclear energy and eventually nuclear weapons. Once they have them, all is lost.

All the best,
Glenn B