Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nearly Half of Israelis Believe Another Holocaust Is Possible

Almost half of all Israelis believe another Holocaust is possible. That is according to survey results made public just before Holocaust Remembrance Day which was two days ago (source).

I find that absolutely astounding in today's day an age. How could that possibly be in today's world of rampant beheadings of those of other than Islamic beliefs based only on their faiths,  incessant calls for jihad, violent protests in which all of the protestors - up to tens of thousands of them - are Muslims (such as after the posting of the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammad) fatwas posted against Jews, Christians and others on a daily basis, the advance of ISIS with the destruction of Israel as one of their goals, the goal of Hamas to destroy Israel, the repeated and almost daily calls for the destruction of Israel by various other Islamic groups including the state of Iran, the U.S. snubbing Israel again and again despite Israel being one of our staunchest allies in the Middle East? What I am asking is not how it can be that so many believe it could happen again but how is it that apparently so many do not believe it could happen again!

If only half of all Israelis believe it could recur then that obviously means that more than half believe otherwise. That is truly astounding and very troublesome in my mind. It makes me wonder how people can bury their heads that far up their own arseholes as to not see the light of day ever when it comes to their own welfare. The only thing positive, in the fact that nearly half of all Israelis believe another Holocaust is possible, is that the numbers are up from last year, so some folks must have pulled their heads out of their arses.

Me, I truly find it difficult to grasp the fact that less than half of all Israelis believe another holocaust is possible. In fact, I believe that if nothing drastic is done to prevent one, another is going to be carried out in the not too distant future. If it does not happen in my lifetime then it will take place during the lifetimes of my my children.

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Glenn B

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