Sunday, April 26, 2015

Here Is What I've Done Today...

...not that you would be interested but please allow me to say that retired life is great. So far, today, I:

Woke up at about 0530 and I am sure only because I was getting up each workday for the last few weeks at that hour.

Went right back to bed after taking a pee.

Slept until about 0730 and again went right back to bed after another pee.

Dragged my arse out of bed at about 0830.

Ate breakfast after I made it for myself. I had left over ham heated in a pan with butter until browned nicely on the outside, a couple of sunny-side up eggs, a couple of pieces of toasted Lithuanian bread slathered with butter and a couple of cups of Joe.

Signed onto the Internet during my second cup of Joe.

Sat on mine arse for hours at my computer during which time I read my email, paid some bills, looked up some stuff on my critters, blogged, placed a post on a reptile forum, did the Facebook things for a bit, looked over and read some of the news at (twice) and accomplished absolutely nothing of any great importance.

I also fed my critters, did some tank maintenance on my aquariums, had a shot of moonshine, looked at my email and the news again and farted at least once.

I definitively decided against going to Home Depot to pick up the first ten or so bags of lawn soil that I will need to kind of, sort of, just about flatten out the other half of my backyard before we have a garden fence installed.

I explained away my not going to Homer's to my wife and she agreed, I should wait until tomorrow. Maybe that was because I also did some dishes and folded some wash.

I think I also scratched my package a couple of times somewhere in there and I took another piss and a dump too.

Yes, I washed my hands several times.

Sat back down at the laptop for awhile again and did a lot of nothing.

Other than that, I gave a few gifts to the family that I bought at Cabela's yesterday, gave my brother-in-law the younger an overdue birthday present, petted the dogs, fed the tortoises and bearded dragons and the fish and newts again and maybe scratched my package again.

Before dinner, by maybe an hour or so, I cooked up some fresh baby octopuses (or is it octopi - or both) that came packaged with a few pieces of red and green peppers (hot ones, I think of both of them) and garlic and some tomato paste of one sort or another that was also in the package. I added some salt and pepper, cooked it all in olive oil and butter. I forgot the scallions I had also bought to add to the mix but did not forget the oyster mushrooms. It was friggin delicious! My wife ate some and oddly enough she really enjoyed it; so did my son.

We had dinner after that, roasted chicken and that was scrumptious too. Had another goodly sip of moonshine (did I mention the first one) and am now enjoying a Golden Monkey Tripel Ale (which certainly has become on of my all time favorites) as I blog this post. It is available at Costco at an excellent price. While I do not get anything for giving Victory Brewing Company and their products a plug, I sure wish, that in this case, they would send me a case or three - which I gladly would accept and so note here on the blog.

Just poured and a starting the second beer right now. Am contemplating another wee dram of moonshine.

Lest I forget, my son and I sampled the moonshine cherries that I started to soak last night. I have figured that if I pay $22 for a pint of moonshine and put half of it into a jar with three jars of maraschino cherries, instead of buying Moonshine Cherries also for $22 per jar, I will be better off. Why? Because it takes about four jars of cherries at $1.49 a pop, added to half a jar of moonshine to make up a batch thus leaving me half a jar of straight moonshine left to sip. You do the math. As for the cherries, they tasted alright but have not soaked long enough yet for the full effect. I figure that should improve drastically over the next couple to few days - at least if we can avoid eating them before then.

Not an interesting life - today or possibly any other day - but it sure is great being retired because I can do more of the same, which is pretty much more of nothing, just about any day. As long as the gout (and any other ailments) stay at bay, and the wife does not try to kill me for being a lazy bum, I am okay with it.

All the best,
Glenn B


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