Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ever See Someone Bend Over Backwards To Shoot?

I have seen shooters at many ranges literally bend over backwards while they have been shooting. I've witnessed it with both handgun, rifle and shotgun shooters. I don't quite understand why anyone would assume such a position while shooting but am even more flummoxed as to why an instructor would allow one of his students / shooters to do so. Yep, that means I have seen instructors allowing it, even instructing shooters to take that stance. If you have any question as to the stance to which I am referring allow me to illustrate with the following photo of an attractive young lady who is shooting in just that manner, by literally bending over backwards:

Pleasing to look at maybe but definitely a
poor stance for shooting a handgun. Source.
What could make any handgun shooter (not just that model) actually bend over backwards that way to shoot is beyond me. It is uncomfortable, it puts unnecessary strain on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. It is sure to contribute to you shooting poorer than you would if you took a good stance with your feet and if leaned forward a bit, with shoulder and neck relaxed, which would also alleviate much of the additional stress caused by leaning backwards. That is also true not only for handgun shooters but for rifle as well as shotgun shooters.

There is a fairly brief tutorial, about three shooting stances, over at PoliceOne that you may want to check for pistol stances. I do not quite agree with everything they demonstrate but my disagreements are on minor issues. You would be much better off learning those basic shooting stances for pistol instead of shooting in a stance similar to the model pictured above.

One note, the stance they picture as the Weaver Stance, on PoliceOne, is not, as far as I am aware, the actual Weaver Stance but is the improved Weaver Stance (or even the Fighting Stance) which un-blades the body from an assailant. An image showing the actual Weaver Stance is seen below:

As opposed to the images at the PoliceOne
tutorial, you can clearly see the bladed side
portion of the body in this photo. Source.

Whichever stance you choose, I wish you safe and effective  shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Old 1811 said...

If you look at old photos of PPC matches (with bull-barreled, six-inch revolvers), you'll see a lot of the backward leaning. I think the idea was to balance the weight of the gun. These days it's gone the way of the dueler's stance.