Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boat Carrying Reported 700 Potential Illegal Aliens Capsizes... the Mediterranean apparently on its way to Italy or another European nation (source).

Sometimes other people's misfortunes are a blessing to others and I am pretty sure that Italy did not need another 700 leeches sucking their already pathetic economy dry. Too bad those folks did not stay in their own country and truly work hard at bettering it and life there instead of fleeing adversity to try to live off of the hard work of others who are already suffering from financial and other hardships.

Is it wrong to say that Italy just got very lucky? Perhaps it might be looked at as crudely insensitive and ethically wrong to say it but the truth is the truth. I am not a bible thumper but I believe that there is merit to the saying: 'The Lord helps they who help themselves.' And brother believe me, that does not mean they who help themselves to what others have worked for and earned.

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Glenn B

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