Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets Product Review

I spent some time today almost giving my wife a coronary washing my hunting clothes, getting other hunting stuff ready to go afield with me this weekend and kind of cleaning the basement. When drying the wash, I threw four dryer sheets in with the clothes. Those dryer sheets are the topic of this review. They were Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets with 3D Broad Spectrum Odor Control.
They come 15 sheets to the pack. The package has a pull tab front opening allowing you, I suppose, to grab the top sheet and pull it out leaving the other ones remaining in the package which you can then reseal. Damned things are wet, or at least damp, and when I tried to pull out one, at least three more came with it, they were all stuck together. I just chucked all four of em into the dryer with my clothes. I dried my hunting clothes on high heat for about 70 minutes.

When I took the clothes out of the dryer, I will admit there was little odor. Maybe that is somewhat because of the dryer sheets but they already did not have any noticeable aroma because I had washed them in a scent free, odor removing detergent. As opposed to what it says on the package though, that the sheets have "3D ANTI-STATIC GUARD" I found my camo hunting pants stuck to themselves and some socks and stuck to one another. Hell, the pants are Tru-Spec cotton/poly BDUs, they do not cling when I forget to throw in a normal dryer sheet so why in Hades did they stick to one another after using these dryer sheets and using four of them at that. What is even more compelling of a question is why did two of the four dryer sheets stick to the pants and another two stick to my Under-Armor shirt that was in essence glued to itself and giving off snaps of static electricity, as I pulled them apart, as were the Under-Armor pants! It sure seems to me like these dryer sheets, with there so called 3D anti-static guard were more like static generators and clothing magnets than they were dryer sheets; mind you all other things I used for this load of laundry were the same as I have used before - same scent free detergent, same water source, same washer, same dryer, same heat level, etc.. So, I figure it is the fault of the dryer sheets. I, for one, don't need to be walking around in the woods come Saturday gong snap, crackle and pop and getting static electricity shocks as I do so, so I am going to maybe put them back in the dryer with a sheet of Kirkland brand dryer sheet; then I'll air them out for a day or two.

As for price, these darned things cost me $7.99 a pack and were allegedly on sale when I bought them. That was for a mere 15 dryer sheets. I am guessing that the relatively very high price, say as compared to Costco's brand of Kirkland dryer sheets, was due to the fact that they come in a small plastic like envelope of a package that is hunter orange in color and that packaging is geared toward hunters and sold with other hunting supplies. I guess they think we hunters are all rich or maybe just stupid enough to buy those dryer sheets (yes they got me once but will not again).

Bear in mind, those were the results I got, the results you get using the DDW dryer sheets may vary. Thus I will not recommend you don't buy them - you spend your money on whatever you want to buy. As for me though, I will predict that next year: I will use either another brand of hunter's scent free dryer sheets (I have used another brand in the past that was great, could not find it this year though) or  the Kirkland dryer sheets. If I use the scented dryer sheets, I will dry the clothes with them, then hang my hunting clothes outside on a line to air out for a couple of days before I go hunting. Even if I forget to hang them outside, the deer probably would love the aroma they have. Instead of spending any more money on this product - next year, I'll save the money I would have wasted on the Dead Down Wind Dryer Sheets and maybe buy a bottle of doe in estrus pee with it. Dead Down Wind dryer sheets, in my opinion based on my experience, are not worth a pile of weeks old deer shit in the woods.

All the best,
Glenn B

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