Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just Got Done Shoveling...

...for the first time this storm and while that does not make me a liar in my last post it sure made me wrong. I went up to check to see if one of the dogs anted outside or was just whining for some company. Opened the side door and guess I saw about 1.5 to 2 inches already on he ground. I decided since the dogs did not want out, I would go out for some exercise and clear off the patio, sidewalk, walkway, driveway and my neighbor's sidewalk too because yes it was time to shovel!

When out there, I realized once again how little my wife pays attention to what I tell her and have been telling her for years which is to park in our driveway and not the neighbor's when it snows. We have to get our cars off of the street for the plows or risk a ticket and or tow. So, I have asked her repeatedly to park her car in our driveway next to one of our other two cars. None of them fit in our very small garage that is currently occupied by my son's motorcycle and weight bench along with other stuff thus when it snows in the driveway they should go. I have asked my wife, over and over and over again, to park in our driveway, and my son even remembered to leave room for her car tonight by parking his all the way to one side. I ask her to do that so that when it snows, the cars keep that much snow off of our drive and thus leave less for me to shovel, we can just pull the cars out into the street to clean the snow off of them - and that is much easier than shoveling it. I guess she is hoping I have the big one while out there shoveling because she hardly ever parks her car like I ask when it snows. Oh well, she can help shovel tomorrow, I will let her do the driveway.

By the way, if the snow keeps coming down like this through early tomorrow, say by 1000 AM, we ought to have about another whopping 6 to maybe 8 inches on the ground by then; that in in addition to the maybe 1.5 to 2" that already has fallen or at least wound up on my sidewalk. Mind you, what I had on my sidewalk may have in great part drifted there, it is light snow and there is a slight wind right now from the north, meaning it builds up on our side of the street so it is more likely only 1.5 inches actually has fallen over about the last 4 hours or so of steady snow. Going with the high estimate, that an actual 2 inches has fallen already, that means an inch per every two hours. If it keeps up until 1000 AM - another 12 hours from now -  then my guesstimate of another 6 will have been right on the money. Thus by 1000 AM, snowing at the same rate, we will have gotten 8 inches. We may get even more snow than that tomorrow but probably not much more as per the forecasts. While it is supposed to keep snowing later on tomorrow, it is also supposed to slow down some from what I heard and the National Weather Service is saying maybe another 1-2 inches after 11AM tomorrow. That would bring the total to 10 inches. Wow, they said 6-12 inches during the forecasts over the past few days, maybe they have gotten it right - that is if the rate of snowfall does not change much. It will be easy to manage though as it is very cold out and the snow is light an powdery, I think the way skiers love it. I love it as it is not that wet heavy stuff that I have had to shovel all too often; and no I do not mean shit, I do mean snow.

As for the high winds, they are supposed to hit later on tonight or tomorrow. I guess a snowfall of around 10 inches, in this cold, could wind up being a real pain in my arse if the winds blow it all to my side of the street and that seems to be what they are saying is going to happen to those of unlucky enough to have north facing properties yet, as I said, it is pretty light weight snow. Oh well, more shoveling = more exercise = more beer and or hot chocolate. Then, in a couple of days, it should all be gone as the temps are supposed to go up from a predicted high tomorrow of about 16 degrees Fahrenheit to 28 on Saturday then to one of 43 or so on Sunday. A veritable heat wave compared to what they are calling for tonight and tomorrow. Right now it is supposed to be about 22 degrees out there but you could have fooled me cause I got all warm and thirsty while shoveling.

What is it that the guy, The Most Interesting Man In The World, says in the Dos Equis beer adds? "Stay Thirsty My Friends". Good advice for a snow covered night. I plan to do just that by shoveling, which will keep me warm and make me thirsty too. It just will not  make me thirst for Dos Equiss, I drank too much of that while in the Border Patrol years ago.

To quench my thirst, it is time for one of those brews I love, maybe a nice Ommegang Ale. I have both an Ommegang Rare Vos and a Three Philosophers on hand. I also have a Corsendonk Christmas Ale (which is out of this world delicious) but I promised my son he could have that one. Then again, I still have about 1/2 of an opened growler of McKenzie's and certainly do not want it to lose its fizz before too long. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

All the best,

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