Monday, October 7, 2013

Nuns - Just Like I Remember Them

Yep, that is pretty much how I remember the nuns who taught me, in grammar school. That is except for the makeup this gal is wearing.
Actually I guess the ones in the following pics more closely resemble the ones who reined me in.

Of course, in the 7th and 8th grade, as I was hitting my teens, I often had a different wishful image of those nuns. After all, a kid has got to dream - right!
Was never going to happen but what the heck, the fantasy was great while it lasted. Thems was da days!
All the best,
Glenn B

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Phil said...

4th grade, St. Charles Parochial School, I had two teachers that were smoking hot. One, Ms. Williams, the red head, I got caught looking up her skirt when she bent over in front of the kid in front of me.

The other, can't remember her name but this young lady was stunningly beautiful. Part Native American.
She came in one day showing off some doe skin moccasins that went all the way up to her knees.
Remember now, 4th grade, I took one look at that and told her she was sexy looking in them.

Down to the Principals office for a good ass beating I went.

You know the images of the old nuns rapping your knuckles with a ruler?

One of the old biddies I had used a fucking yardstick!

I think I learned the word incorrigible that year too.