Monday, September 2, 2013


Once again, the Kilted To Kick Cancer fund raising campaign has several manly gun toting men wearing skirts kilts for the month of September. They are donning ladies wear ethnic wear not so much in the hopes of raising hemlines but with the hope that they can raise cash for a good cause - The Prostate Cancer Foundation. In doing so, they hold a competition amongst themselves to see which of them can raise the most money. The winner of the competition wins something, I think a pistol.

If you decide to donate, you get a chance to win something too, at least if you donate through certain of the participating fund raising and kilted bloggers. For instance, every $5.00 donated through the kilted blogger through whom I donate makes you eligible for a chance at a prize - he lists the prizes on his site as they become available. For instance, last year I won a stripped AR lower (with custom engraving) from York Arms; alas I never was able to claim my prize due to confusion over the NY SAFE Act. Nonetheless, the opportunity to do some good by way of a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and to get a tax deduction is there for you as is the chance to win some sort of a prize for each multiple of $5 that you donate (at least through the fund raising efforts of the person through whom I donate but I am pretty sure it works the same with many of the Kilted Cancer Kickers' efforts). The donations are all made through the same venue:

Just for your info, I donate through the fund raising efforts of Jay G of MArooned fame (yes that is him in the photo). If you would like more info about the fund raiser, you can visit Jay's blogpost about it here: He also has other posts about it. As I recall from last year, he posts a picture of himself, wearing the kilt, on a daily basis and also posts updates as to the amount raised to date and about prizes for they who donate (as they become available from people who donate them to his effort). I'll have to kick around to see if I can come up with a worthwhile prize donation to add to the mix.

If you want to donate through Jay, without going to his blog, you can do it from this link which takes you directly to his Kilted To Kick Cancer donation page: 

or you can go to the main Kilted To Kick Cancer page: 

and enter his name, Jay Grazio, after you click on donate to a participant. Of course, you can also donate through any other participant or can donate to the Kilted to Kick Cancer fund in general without going through a participant by clicking on Donate To KTKC at the link directly above.

If you do donate, the Prostate Cancer Foundation sends you an email receipt for your records and for tax purposes. This year, I received my email receipt almost immediately after making my donation.

By the way, I mentioned above that they are all "manly gun toting men wearing skirts kilts". There is a reason I described them that way which is just in case you get the wrong idea about why they are wearing skirts kilts everyday for a month. It ain't because they are pansies, and it ain't because they are hoping to get free daily (or more often) prostate exams whenever they bend over either. So, if you are inclined to think otherwise, just remember - they all carry - at least the ones I know.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Gotta say Cheers for the Kilt wearing men for a good cause. Truth be told a real man can pull off the kilt look!