Monday, September 2, 2013

Losing Your Head Via The Boing Factor

An alleged marijuana grower was nearly decapitated and was killed by a booby trap he (the grower) reportedly had set on his own property to protect his marijuana plants. The deceased was driving an ATV on his property and apparently forgot about a piano wire he reportedly had stretched across the path as a booby trap. The sheriff reportedly said:
"it's unclear what purpose it served as a security measure other than being dangerous to someone driving an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle". (Source)
Well, it clearly seems to have been quite effective at only that even if it killed the wrong person. So why would the sheriff  be unclear as to what other security measure it might serve?This is one of the things so fucked up in law enforcement today, LEOs often overlook the obvious and look at almost everything as if there is something more to it, thus wasting time, effort and tax payer dollars while doing so. If indeed the dead man was the one who set it, as a booby trap to protect his own marijuana patch, then that the only purpose it served was as a security measure against ATV or motorcycle riders (or maybe even against a running man) should be absolutely left at that without further question and waste of tax payers' dollars.

As for the deceased, I wonder if he ever strived to hit a high note in life. While he may never have achieved hitting a mental high note, he certainly hit one at least physically, and I would imagine it was quite the boing.

All the best,
Glenn B

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