Friday, August 9, 2013

When Suspects Are Black But The Victim Is White - It's Alright... what I imagine the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been thinking since the July 9th beating of a 13 year old white youth by three 15 year old black boys. (Did anyone find it offensive that I called the white kid - a youth, and I called the black kids - boys? After all, I just switched around the wording the way the media had printed it relative to the races. If you found it offensive my way but not the way it appeared in the linked article, you are very likely a race bating hypocrite.)

As race was not a valid concern, or should not have been an issue, in the George Zimmerman trial, nor should it seemingly be an issue here. It seems Sharpton and Jackson understand that race probably was not an issue in this case; yet, they made an issue out of it in the self defense killing of Trayvon Martin because he was black and because George Zimmerman looked white. So why did Sharpton and Jackson open their big mouths then and not now? Because they agree that blacks can not be racists and only whites, Hispanics and Asians can be - that is they agree with one another and all the other race baiters out there. How those pieces of shit have any credence at all among the law abiding black community, that they claim to represent, or among any other community, is beyond the scope of logic.

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Glenn B

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