Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buggin' Out - NOW!

As a matter of fact, I have already bugged out as of about 10 minutes ago. No, it is not a SHTF situation nor TEOTWAWKI - not even something simpler like an invasion of zombies or democrats.

I just ordered 1,000 crickets, 500 superworms, 250 waxworms and 200 redworms. Probably not what you thought when I said I was bugging out considering all other factors such as life under the Obama tyranny. These bugs though are for something other than the other meaning of bugging out, they are food for my critters. The crickets will go to the Crested Geckos, Mossy Gecko, Bearded Dragons and water turtles. The superworms will go likewise. The waxworms to the geckos and the turtles. The redworms to the water turtles and to my redfoot tortoises. I have not made an online bug order, except for Blaptica dubia roaches, in years. I figure it is cheaper than getting all that at pet shops, cheaper by far.

What I would pay for a month's worth or a couple of months' supply of bugs buying online would be multiplied by at least 5 to 6 times the amount (more likely 10X the cost) if I bought the bugs weekly in a pet shop. A mere 80 crickets went cost me about $12 tonight at a local pet shop. They lasted all of 5 minutes in the reptile enclosures. What I just ordered online will last at least a month and cost about $58 total. Over 30 days that would be about $1.93 per day as opposed to the $12 I spent today on bugs that lasted for just one day's feeding. At $12 per da that would be $360 for the month if I kept buying at a pet shop. What a difference: $58 for a month's worth by way of an online purchase or $360 for them at a pet shop. (And note, what I got today at the pet shop only fed my lizards - not my turtles, what I am getting online will feed all of them.)

Now, I just have to figure out where the heck I am going to keep 4 different kinds of creepy crawlers alive before I feed them to my reptiles. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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