Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Jo, Where You Going With That Gun In Your Hand

Yeah, I know, the Hendrix song is Hey Joe and not "Hey Jo" like it says in the title of this blog post. I wrote it like that because this post is for someone special. It's for my good friend Jo, one of the Farmer's Oval Schaefer Girls (you had to be in our circle of friends to understand). I just found out she is a shootist. Not only is she a shooter, she is a pretty darned good shot at that.

Hey Jo, just let me say that while you listen to this music video, I hope you have a Schaefer in hand, an ice cold one. They would go good together.

All the best,

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Joanne said...

Thanks, Bart. I knew you would be so proud of me (and appreciate)showing you what a good shot I am! Thanks for the song and the video. No Schaefer in hand. Maybe next time!
Love, Jo