Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NY Deer Hunting Season... I write, is only  about 2 1/2 days and a wake-up (plus about 2 or three hours after I wake up) away. I am not ready for it by a longshot! I do have some things ready. For example, my Marlin 336 is sighted in. I have ammo for it. My Remington 870 is also ready to go and I have ammo for that one too. In addition, I have  few bottles of deer lure around somewhere. I bought them within the past couple of months. The car is ready I suppose, just got an oil change a couple or few weeks ago, tires are good, car running okay (knock on wood). We, Brendan and I, both have our hunting license. I may or may not have a hunting partner in Brendan this year. He just got a new job working at Macy's Department Store and he is unsure if he can get away at all on the days I have off. It will be my loneliest hunting season in years. Other than the above, nothing else is ready

Our hunting gear, most of it, is kept in the shed. It tends to get a bit damp in the shed but the clothing and other gear are in big plastic tubs with lids. Still, they need a good washing out and drying (with  unscented dryer sheets). I only have time to do that today as I am working tomorrow, then leaving for upstate right after work, or such is my plan. I need to make sure I will have everything packed and ready to be loaded into the car sometime today. Everything will include clothing like: hunting hat, hunting jacket, hunting pants, hunting shirt, hunting sweater or fleece, hunting boots, hunting gloves, socks, skivvies, and some regular clothes for when not hunting. Other hunting items I will include will be: guns, ammo, gun case, gun cleaning kit, hunting license, hunting license back tag holder, foam hot seat, knives (at least two but probably three - one on belt, one in pocket, one in backpack), compass, emergency kit (things like wind/waterproof matches, candles for firestarter, flashlight, first aid kit, food bars), first aid kit, day pack, rattling antlers, doe bleat call, deer pee lure and scent pads, binoculars and the list goes on. I also have to find and pack some toiletries. I already have a case of water in the trunk of the car. I'll buy food when I get up near my hunting spot. That usually consists of Smucker's peanut butter and Red Raspberry preserves but this year I may try something else other than the PB.

I suppose I had best get started. I have those things to find, the hunting clothes to wash, the car to pack, and other chores to be done (or the wife will not be quite as happy about getting rid of me for 4 days). I need to clean up the back room of our basement (a seemingly never ending task), hang a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, do the regular laundry, do the dishes (already done), have a few biers (not yet but later for sure), get some grocery shopping done, clean the other half of the basement, set up a new aquarium, clean all the critter;s enclosures (bearded dragons, red earred slider, large tortoises, small tortoises, crested geckos, fish tank, and other turtle tank.

If I get it all done early enough, I may run over to Dick's Sporting goods and pick up a set of rings for that scope I got a couple of weeks back, attach the scope and rings to the Marlin XS7 rifle I bought and bring it to the range. If I somehow do manage to get the rings today yet don't get a chance to go to the range tonight, then there is a slim chance I could go tomorrow morning before work. I am only working 1-5 but will have plenty of stuff to still get ready for the hunting trip - if  know myself at all. Well, no more dallying, I have got to get cracking.

(Update #1: 1257 - Breakfast dishes done. The back of the basement now looks organanizized, at last. Finally had a cup of coffee, still on the first of the day.)

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Yay! Second got an elk...or should I say one driver on department responding to call hit and elk, so here when this happens the critter is divied pretty fast. Yep, I suppose we are the clampetts!