Thursday, August 23, 2012

If You're Brown Bagging It Around The Political Conventions Don't Pack Any Hard Boiled Eggs

If you attend either the Republican or Democrat political conventions, or even if you will be in the area when either is held, and you brown bag it - don't bring along any hard boiled eggs or you may wind up detained for investigation. I jest you not. It seems that the latest news flash, from what probably are paranoid cautious government law enforcement agencies, is that anarchists may try to disrupt the conventions by tossing acid filled eggs (among other things).

I can just imagine some poor slob, sitting down in a public area near the convention, who pulls a couple of hard boiled ones out of his day pack only to be swarmed by SWAT. Even worse would be the outcome for anyone found to be entering one of the conventions with a couple or few eggs in their bag. I can just imagine him or her being pounced upon, detained, questioned, and embarrassed. I can also see the eggs being seized and examined, x-rayed, sniffed by bomb sniffing dogs, and finally wolfed down by some blob from event security. Perhaps this will transfer to TSA as well and hard boiled eggs will become verboten on airline flights (if not so already).

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

I know you re tongue is firmly in cheek, but how did this so called "Intel" get to the news? And you're right, in their briefings, the cops or security boys will be told, be on the lookout for eggs! Anyways, untouched raw eggs would probably be nastier.....

Glenn B said...

Well, I may have laughed about it when I read it but I truly and strongly advise against carrying hard boiled eggs, or eggs in general, around the conventions. That goes especially if you are going inside and are packing a lunch or snack. If that intel is serious at all, I can people being detained and checked if they had an egg. I worked on more than enough Secret Service details to know things they look for and stop people for can be bizarre. In the event it is truly considered a serious threat, eggs would not be the thing to be carrying. It is just not worth the hassle.

All the best,